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Just a whisper away

TITLE- Just a whisper away
AUTHOR- thepicketywitch
RATING- this chap PG-13
POINT OF VIEW- 3rd person
SUMMARY- Ichabod and Katrina have been married for eight months...Everything is perfect, right?
AUTHORS NOTES- Thank you for reading, and feedback is appreciated!

Katrina looked out the window of her two story home and glanced around. The street was filled with the sounds of activity, activity not usually heard at the farm she had grown up on. She closed her eyes and listened, taking in a deep breath, and inhaling the sweet scent of jasmine that grew in a flowerbox outside her bedroom window. The jasmine surrounded her in a warm embrace, and she listened with new ears, hearing the sound of children playing, the sound of horses hooves on the paved streets, and the soft singing of her neighbor, Molly.

Katrina had quickly adjusted to city life; the convenience of the city was the nicest surprise, though she did admit that she missed the quiet of her Hollow. She so loved her husband, Ichabod Crane that she would be willing to live anywhere on the earth. They had been married for exactly eight months, today. Katrina remembered her simple wedding, her in New-York, young Masbeth, or Johnny as he now like to be called had given her away. She missed her father, and especially so on the day that she went from Katrina Van Tassel, to Katrina Crane.

Ichabod had a single living relative, an old aunt by the name of Claire. She was a kind old woman, very knowing, and had insisted that Katrina attend church service with her at least once a week. Katrina wondered if she saw some wickedness in her, but dismissed it as nothing of concern. She spent her days reading and writing, she kept a diary that she hid under the mattress of her and Ichabod’s life, of her growing years, and the story of what had happened in Sleepy Hollow. She kept her household clean, and enjoyed taking care of her husband and Johnny. She did get help with their laundry, and tried to persuade Ichabod to use her inheritance to buy a bigger home.

Ichabod was comfortable with their middle class existence, and declined her offer, though he did not mind the new furnishings, or the piano that Katrina played at, and sang to him on. She smiled a secret smile as she sang, and Ichabod would be hard pressed to deny her anything. Katrina always went to bed early, after she had helped Johnny with his homework, where she waited for him to come to her, they were married after all. Katrina felt her heart beat faster as Ichabod‘s footsteps got closer, and louder to the bedroom door.

But for the past three weeks, she usually fell asleep before Ichabod came to bed, and she missed him, missed his touch, the sweet words he whispered to her alone. He seemed to be obsessed with a new case, and there just wasn’t time for romance. Johnny was in school during the day, and assisted Ichabod in his free time. Katrina didn’t interfere with his cases, nor did she try to offer help, unless he discussed his worries with her. She loved to help him, but he was very proud, and she didn’t want to undermine his confidence, so she kept herself busy, and left him to his work.

Inspector Ichabod Crane now used the downstairs bedroom as a lab of sorts, and Katrina knew that he didn’t like her in there, he worried that she might ‘accidentally’ tamper with evidence, or move something she wasn’t supposed to, and even knowing this, she was feeling particularly lonely for him, and took a seat on the chair in the corner, grabbing one of her romance novels and imagining Ichabod as a fierce pirate…The story she was reading was filled with tender moments between the lovely kidnap victim, and the dashing, dangerous pirate.

Katrina smiled as she saw Ichabod as one the drawings, then shook her head. He was handsome the way he was, and she loved him for it. She missed him, it had been too long since they had been together, and she hoped to have a nice, quiet dinner, the three of them, but she fell asleep near the fireplace as she read, her book falling to the floor.


Ichabod and Johnny walked home quickly; discussing the possible motive of the latest case, well, Ichabod talked, and Johnny listened and tried to keep up with his long strides. When they got to the house, Ichabod called for Katrina, but she didn’t answer. Ichabod became a bit alarmed, he was always greeted with a kiss at the gate, and usually Katrina was smiling at him as he rounded the corner. He ran upstairs when she didn’t answer, and was about to call down to Johnny, when Johnny called up to him, and pointed to the room where Katrina slept.

Ichabod felt his breath return to his body, and smiled as he watched the flames dance across her face, the light making her blonde hair shine like a halo. He kneeled next to her and picked up the book. “The pirate and the lady,” he whispered. She did tend to like the fanciful. He gently brushed the back of his hand to her cheek, and watched as she leaned into his hand, sighing in her sleep.

“Katrina, tis time to wake up.”

Katrina opened her eyes and stretched her arms out to her husband, hugging him close. She kissed his cheek as she stood up, smiling at Johnny as he ate an apple and walked past quickly. Ichabod asked her if she was feeling well, and she nodded as she gained her feet, smiling at him.

“I fair very well, husband. Not so with supper. I fell asleep and didn’t prepare anything.”

Ichabod shook his head and offered to make his specialty, cheese sandwiches. Katrina covered her mouth as she yawned, nodding that that would be wonderful.

“Are you sure that you are feeling well?” he asked, looking sideways at her, trying to deduce if there was something amiss with his wife.

Katrina kissed his cheek once more and assured him that she was fine. She followed him into the kitchen, where he used a device of his own invention to slice bread into equal sized pieces. She smiled at him in the candlelight as they ate, and watched Johnny stare at the kitchen hearth, in great concentration.

“What is it, Jonath- Johnny?” she asked.

“I was just thinking, it could be poison, maybe he’s poison-”

“That is enough, young- Johnny. We do not discuss work at the dinner table.” Ichabod’s tone was brisk, but his smile softened the blow.

Katrina rose and eyebrow and asked what the current case was about. She had read in the paper that young women were disappearing from their homes, then having their bodies returned to their doorsteps. It was quite chilling, and she wondered if this was the case that consumed so much of her husbands time.

Ichabod used his napkin to fling away the idea, and gave Johnny a look of conspiracy. Katrina decided to let him have his way, and asked Johnny how school was. Johnny talked about his studies as Ichabod grabbed the tablet from the breast pocket of his coat and began to take notes. He soon excused himself to his study, and Katrina smiled as he walked away. She sat with Johnny for a time before knocking on the other side of the door where she could hear her husband talking to himself.

She heard a book slam, and a drawer shut closed before she was told to enter. Katrina smiled at her husband and asked him to come to bed. Ichabod blushed and told her that he would be along directly; he needed to spend a little more time with his thoughts.

“Is there nothing I can say to change your mind?” Katrina asked as she kissed his chin and played with the hair at the back of his neck. Ichabod felt the goose bumps race across his skin as he looked down at his wife.

“Just a few more minutes, I am getting close, I can feel it!” he said as he kissed her forehead and returned to his books. Katrina smiled at his back and whispered goodnight.


Ichabod wondered if he had the right man. He was convinced that the serial murderer on his hands was a man named Billy Carter. He had interviewed him just today, and felt his odd behavior confirmed his suspicions. Billy Carter matched the description given by all witnesses that had last seen their friends before they disappeared. Ichabod knew that he needed more solid proof, but he felt confident that he had the right man.

Ichabod stayed up much later than he planned as he made notes, and charts regarding the case. The girls who had been his victims were all young and beautiful, and blonde. He seemed to have a taste for the same type of woman, and he would seduce them away before assaulting them and killing them, returning their bodies to their homes. He wondered if he kept them captive, or what his plan was, were there several girls together? Were they unable to fight back? And where did he keep them?

When he had gone to speak with him, he discovered that he lived with his father, and there was no evidence of anything female at all, and no signs that there had been any women present. The elder Carter, a man named Wilbur seemed to be a hard working man, without an ounce of malice in him. His son however reeked with a vileness that radiated from every move that he made. Yes, Ichabod was convinced he had his man; he just needed solid evidence against him.

When he looked at the clock, it was after one in the morning, and Ichabod decided to head to bed. He changed quietly and climbed into bed beside his wife. It was still hard to believe that Katrina was his, and he smiled at her sleeping form, drawing her into the circle of his arms. He smiled when she cuddled closer, and whispered his name. Ichabod wrapped his arms tighter around her and fell asleep, a smile on his face.


When Ichabod and Johnny turned the corner home, he looked for Katrina to be at the gate, and frowned when he didn’t see her there. He quickened his steps and wondered if she was asleep again. It was unlike her to nap, and Ichabod wondered if he shouldn’t call a doctor to check on her. He walked into the house and called her name. Katrina didn’t answer, and he went to his study, expecting to find her. He sent Johnny upstairs to look for her as he looked around downstairs. Johnny came down shaking his head, and Ichabod felt a wave of terror wash over him.

Katrina had not been to much of the city, and the friends she had made were all in their neighborhood, but he wondered why she hadn’t left a note, at the least if she had gone visiting. He was looking for her to appear at any moment as he looked for a note, or for something to let him know where she was.

Johnny called to him, and Ichabod hurried up the stairs, where he found Johnny standing at the foot of the bed he shared with Katrina. “What is it?“ he asked.

Johnny pointed to the bed, and Ichabod looked to see a lock of Katrina’s hair, on a note that read: “Come find her…while she still breathes…”
Tags: fic, ichabod/katrina, sleepy hollow
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