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SMUT PWP "Home sweet home"

Title: Home sweet home
Spoilers: Sleepy Hollow
Pairing: Ichabod/Katrina
Rating: Adult NC-17
Warnings: SMUT! pwp smut
Summary: Ichabod has been away from his wife for a few months, and is happy to be home. ( I suck at these things)

Ichabod was finally home. He stopped at the door before he put the key into the lock and sighed. He was really here, it wasn’t a dream. It had been too long since he had been at this door, too long since he had seen his lovely Katrina's smile. He remembered when he had been sent away to Philadelphia, to try to make his case on the use of torture device's on criminals. It had been two very long months before he was able to return home to his wife. He had written her everyday, and he missed her more with each passing hour. He was here now, and he couldn't wait to see Katrina again.

He reached for the door but it opened before his fingers touched the handle, and there she was in the doorway. Katrina looking lovely as ever in her dark green gown, her hair hanging in waves down her back. She allowed room for him to enter the house, then jumped up into his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck. “It is about time husband!”

Ichabod smiled wide, a true smile that was for her alone, and grabbed Katrina about the waist to hold her close against him. “I missed you,” he said hugging her tight, and kicking the door closed behind them. He had been so reserved when they had first married, but Katrina soon brought out the more aggressive side of him. He was still fairly shy in the company of others, but when they were alone, he had no inhibitions.

Katrina narrowed her eyes and studied him carefully, “You could have fooled me, I hardly heard from you.”

Ichabod gently smacked her bottom. "You tell lies Mrs. Crane. I wrote you every day and you must know that I missed you every minute we were parted.”

Katrina kissed him hard, her tongue rubbing against his as she hugged his neck tighter. “I jest with you. I missed you so much that I dreamt of the moment you would return home" she gently bit his earlobe and whispered, "I dreamt of the day you returned home to me and took me off to bed."

Ichabod held her close as Katrina kissed his neck, something she knew drove him to madness. She continued to kiss his neck and was tried pulling his coat off his shoulders. He felt his cock spring to attention at the feel of her desirable body so near his.

Ichabod tried not to smile at her, but seeing her pretty face looking up at him he couldn’t help himself. He grabbed her hips and rocked her back and forth, his erection pushing into her stomach. Katrina smiled at him, and started to pull on the buttons of his shirt. Once she had tossed it to the floor, she ran her hands over his chest, and down his arms.

“Did you really dream of me while I was away?” he asked, starting to undo the ties of her dress. He pushed her golden hair over one shoulder and smiled at her as he slowly pulled on the ties at her back.

She winked and answered, peppering each answer with a kiss on his lips, “Every night love, and every morning, and just after tea." Ichabod chuckled as Katrina sighed. She felt the bindings of her dress loosen and took in a deep breath. The feel of Ichabod's warm fingers across her back made her close her eyes and lean into him. She allowed him to remove her night shirt, and smiled as he stared at her breasts. She was standing in naught but her stockings, and he involuntarily licked his lips as he stared down at her.

“Tell me that you dreamt of me?” she hedged.

Ichabod actually blushed, "Only every other moment, madam." He grabbed her breasts and gently cupped each in his hands, lowering his head to kiss her neck and shoulders, and lower still. Katrina threw her head back and sighed. Tonight was going to be incredible, she could tell.

“I really need you. Now, Katrina.”

Katrina would never deny him anything, and she felt the same way that he did. “I love you Ichabod,” she said as she undid the buttons of his pants and helped him step out of them. When they were standing in the front hall in just their unmentionables, Katrina jumped into his arms, and hugged him tight. “Take me to bed,” she ordered.

Ichabod smiled and kissed her hard, his two day old beard scratching her face, but she didn’t care, she loved everything about him. They got to their bedroom, and Ichabod dropped her in the center of the bed and lit every candle in the room. He lay down on his back and pulled her on top of him, so that her back was resting on his chest. Katrina let her head drop to the side of his shoulder, and let him kiss her neck as she asked what he was doing.

Ichabod ran his hands under her back and gently touched her sides and the flat of her stomach, her smooth hips. “Just something I have been fantasizing about…” he finally grabbed her breasts, playing with her nipples until they turned rock hard in his hands. He was gently massaging them, and pinching her nipples between his fingers. He had so much time to think about all the things he wanted to do to her once he got home, and now that he was here, he planned to fulfill every single thought that had crossed his mind. It was his plan to keep his wife abed for the next week at least.

She tried to roll off of him, but he held her still, a hand around her waist as he slowly ran the tips of his fingers over her stomach and thighs. She could feel his hard cock against her bottom, and wiggled as she lay on top of him, she had waited so long, she wanted them to just get to it, they could take their time later. Ichabod kissed her neck and continued to run his hands over her breasts and thighs. Katrina arched her back and sighed at the pleasure of his magical hands on her body.

She put her own hands above her head and played with his hair, pulling on the sides, and touching his face as best she could in the position she was in. Ichabod ran a single finger over her stomach, making a slow pattern of circles down to her bellybutton and then lower, sliding a single finger against her heat. He cupped her first, gently pinching her clit between his fingers, and groaning out loud at how wet she was.

Katrina thought she was going to come on the spot. His strong fingers were heaven, and he used the pad of his middle finger against her clit, rubbing her in slow circles with one hand, and stroking her breasts with his other hand. Katrina closed her eyes and tried to take deep breaths, her orgasms were always more intense when she took deep breaths, and she could feel the peak of her pleasure within her grasp. Ichabod continued rubbing her clit, faster and faster, until Katrina drew her knees up, moaning his name and clawing the arm he had around her waist.

She felt the shudders run through her body, and just when they were slowing down, he began to touch her again, manipulating her into coming again. This time Katrina was shaking so much that she grabbed a fistful of his hair and wouldn’t let go.

Ichabod waited for her to stop shaking, and kissed her neck again as he played with the ties of her stockings. Katrina sighed and let him do what he wanted to her; it felt too good to say no. Ichabod sat up, Katrina between his legs and pulled his underwear down. She tried to turn to help, but he insisted that she stay where she was, and she complied.

He lay back down and pulled her onto his lap. She had her back to him, and sighed as Ichabod grabbed her thighs and helped her sit up, straddling his legs. She felt his cock, ready for her, and reached behind her to rub the tip between her fingers as Ichabod grabbed her waist and lifted her onto his throbbing erection. She slowly slid herself down, her eyes wide at the feel of him stretching her, filling her completely.

She threw her head back and moaned as she used her thighs to ride him, slowly sliding up and down over his cock. Ichabod sat up, grabbing her breasts in his hands and pulled her to him, pushing himself deeper inside as she arched her back to him. They both moaned at the sensations running through their bodies.

Ichabod leaned forward and kissed her back, the spot that she was ticklish in, right between her shoulder blades. He moved one hand from her breasts, and reached down to gently touch her clit. “Oh God, that feels so…“ Katrina couldn’t finish her thoughts; she was pushed over the edge of pleasure again, and turned her head to receive his kiss as he slowly thrust inside her trembling body.

They stayed as they were for a while, Ichabod feeling the wet heat he had fantasized so much about, and wanting more than anything to give her more. He held her close for a few moments, both hands around her waist as he kept himself buried deep inside her tight body. He could feel his cock pulsing inside her, and once she started to restlessly move against him, he pulled her hips up, and pushing her forward on the bed, until she was leaning on all fours in front of him.

Katrina mourned the loss of him inside her; she ached for him to fill her again, and teased him by moving her bottom, and looking over her shoulder at him. “Come husband…are you going to love me or not?” She supposed that it didn't make her a lady, but she loved rough sex, not that she didn’t enjoy it when he was sweet, and gently made love to her, but it had been months, and she wanted it all.

“Oh my God,” he whispered as he kneeled up and kissed her back and the back of her neck, her soft hair tickling his face.

“I'm going to love you,” he said as he grabbed her hips and pulled her back against him. Katrina teased him, and wiggled her bottom again, trying to get his attention. Ichabod grasped her hips and thrust inside her. She moaned and cried out at the feeling of having him so deep inside.

“Are you alright?“ he asked concerned. He kept his hands still on her hips and waited for her to answer.

Katrina pushed her bum back against him, shouting for him to take her, now! Ichabod knew an order when it was given, and soon they were going at it at a frantic pace, both looking for the fulfillment that they could only get from each other. He watched her arch her back, and felt himself ready to erupt inside her, he couldn’t hold back any longer. Katrina slammed herself back against him and screamed when she felt her orgasm building to a frenzy. She dropped her face to the mattress as she felt Ichabod grow even larger inside her before he came too, dropping his sweaty head to rest on her back.

They both panted, trying to get a deep breath as they’re bodies recovered. Katrina turned and rolled onto her back, and Ichabod laid his head on her stomach, kissing her tummy and trying to get control again.

“That was amazing...incredible, my love” she whispered, stroking his sweat soaked hair, in awe of the man in her arms.

Ichabod moved his chin to rest on her hip, and smiled, “Better than you dreamt?”

Katrina leaned up on one elbow and continued stroking the hair from his face. “So, so, so much better. You’re the real thing, you husband are a thousand times better than any dream.”

Ichabod smiled wider and moved down her body to kiss her knees, and just behind her knee, then up her thighs…Katrina moaned and fell back on the bed, grabbing a fistful of sheets in anticipation as his rough beard scratched the inside of her sensitive thighs. It was an amazing feeling, and she hoped he never shaved again.

"I am so happy you are home," Katrina sighed as Ichabod smiled. He couldn't be happier to be home himself.
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