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Fic: Ghosts 2/? [PotC, Sparrabeth, PG-13]

Title: Ghosts 2/?
Author: GylzGirl
Rating: PG-13 for now
Fandom: PotC
Pairing: Sparrabeth
Continuity: This fic is a sequel to Fate Intervenes.
Summary: After leaving Libertalia, Jack and Elizabeth Sparrow once again take to sailing the seas on the Black Pearl; but raw emotions, rough seas and the past seek to test their happily ever after.
Beta: Karen, the Awesome.
Author's Notes: I'm thrilled with the response so far. Thank you to everyone who left such lovely feedback. I'm updating as fast as I can. I've got a lot of RL stuff going on right now but I'm writing whenever I get the chance.
[ CHAPTER TWO: Shipwreck ]

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Tags: fic, potc, sparrabeth
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