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Depp Fanfiction

Johnny Depp Characters Fan Fiction

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Ages 17+ comm for Fan Fiction featuring characters played by Johnny Depp. NO ACTOR FIC ALLOWED. We want stories about Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow and Inspector Abberline in From Hell (to name but a few).


If I find out you're under 17, I will have to remove you from the comm.

There will be NO ACTOR FICS here. That is, fics starring Johnny Depp and his co-stars. This comm is for fics based off of CHARACTERS Johnny Depp has played.

All fics here must star a character played by Johnny Depp (or for more ensemble based fics, his character should feature heavily in it).

All fic should be posted behind an LJ Cut with headers listed before the cut. See below for a loose example.

Shipper pairings must be well marked and placed before the cut. There will be no ship bashing or shipper wars on this group. All ships are allowed.

Slash, Adult and Dark Themed fics are allowed but must contain ratings and warnings before the LJ Cut so that those inclined to may make an informed decision to skip topics they find offensive.

There will be no fics depicting graphic sex with participants under the age of 16.

Spoiler warnings are mandatory for shows 6 months after release. They are recommended for all shows newer than two years.

Fic Recommendations, Fic Challenges, Questions for fics, and Requests for fics are allowed.

Header Example

Title: Drink Up Me 'Earties 1/1
Fandom: PotC
Spoilers: Through DMC
Pairing: Jack/Elizabeth (Sparrabeth would also be acceptable here)
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Torture (some fics won't have any need of this field)
Summary: Captured by Davy Jones, will Elizabeth and Jack survive?
(Your LJ Cut Here)

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