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SMUT PWP "Esperanza"

Title: Esperanza
Fandom: Once upon a time in Mexico
Spoilers: Once upon a time in Mexico
Pairing: Agent Sands/female character
Rating: Adult! NC-17 SMUT
Warnings: Sex and naughty words =)
Author: thepicketywitch
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING
Summary: Agent Sands finds recovery and much more in Mexico. Feedback is appreciated, I am pretty new to this =)

Sheldon Jeffrey Sands felt the pain in his shoulder, leg and hip, and tried to open his eyes to figure out where the pain came from. Then he remembered...he had no eyes. "Well, I bet I am a sight for sore eyes," he sighed as he tried to sit up. He felt a hand on his shoulder, and turned quickly, reaching for his gun. That’s when he noticed that he wasn't wearing any clothes, and all that was covering him was a scratchy blanket.

"Who are you?" he asked, knowing it to be a female, from the small hands, and the sharp nails pressing into his flesh.

He smelled violets, and heard her whisper, "Esperanza."

He almost smiled, Hope, her name meant hope. The irony. He tried to sit up again, and again felt the small hand push his shoulder back to the hard little mattress he rested on. He felt Esperanza sit down, her hip touching his as she sat, and he could feel her long hair brush against his arm. He knew that her hair was a dark brown, he knew that she had highlights in her hair from the sun. He reached a hand out and let her hair run through his fingers.

It felt silky, and smooth, and he wondered if it smelled like sunshine and violets. "I am not a quixotic man," he whispered. He wondered what had happened exactly, after he had fainted...passed out rather, which was only fair after the loss of blood he suffered. He grabbed the wrist of the girl next to him, Esperanza and asked, "Where am I?"

In a heavy accent, she explained that her nephew had brought her to him, laying half dead in the center of town, and she had brought him home to heal him.

"Why? Why would you do that?" he asked, looking to her and not seeing her, but feeling the heat from her nearness.

"I...just wanted to help you, I want you to feel better."

"Why?" Sands asked, "Do you have a butt load of chewing gum you want me to take off your hands?"

Esperanza stood up and gently slapped his face. "You should be nice to the people who would help you."

Sands fell back on the bed and fell asleep with a smile on his face. Esperanza wondered if she had done the right thing in bringing him into her home. She lived with her nephew and sister in a rundown apartment, and they all did what they could to make the bills. It wasn't a lavish lifestyle, but they made it. Sands was turning her world upside down, she shouldn't have been attracted to him, he was a horrible man, obviously, or he wouldn't be in this situation. Yet on the other hand he needed help, and she felt like she should help him, there was something that had to be done, she couldn't just let him die.

Esperanza leaned against the wall and looked out at the fading sunlight. She wondered how long before he woke up again, before they had had this conversation again. He had woken up several times in the last week, and he always forgot who she was, and where he was. She continued to care for him, it was the right thing, the Christian thing to do. She smiled to herself, he wasn't a charity case, she wanted to help him, she wanted him to get better, he deserved at least that.


Sands woke up the next day, and knew that it was daylight from the heat he felt through the blanket. He kicked it off, trying to cool off, and felt the air hit his naked skin. He sighed in relief, and therefore did not hear the sigh that came from Esperanza as his body was revealed to her. He had a nice body, he wasn't all that muscular, but she like him the way he was, he was...perfect.

She heard her nephew, and threw the blanket back on him. "What? What the hell?" he said.

Her nephew Reyes came in to check the condition of his Tia's patient. Esperanza told him that agent Sands was doing much better, and asked him to get her a glass of water.

"So, I am on the road to recovery, huh? Does that mean that I'll be makin' bacon soon?"

Esperanza rolled her eyes at what she assumed was a sexual reference. "I am trying to get you better, so you can get back to whatever it is you want," she said.

Sands winced and sat up on his elbows, the blanket falling to reveal his lovely chest. "What do you say, sweet thing?"

Esperanza shook her head and took a seat on the bed. "You need rest, Mr. Sands. You have not healed yet, and you shouldn't be thinking of anything but rest now."

"You don't have to call me Mr. can call me Jeff." He put a hand to his head and fell asleep again.

Esperanza nursed him back to health, and after a few more days he was feeling well enough to try getting up on his own. He used Esperanza to lean on, and started to pace the small house, gaining the strength back in his legs. For weeks he worked at his recovery, Esperanza by his side, helping him in any way that she could. She had stopped working, and did nothing but spend time with him. She learned to let his rude comments go, he wasn't mad at her after all, and she couldn't blame him when he did show anger.

The day finally came when she announced to him that he was well enough to leave, and that she would help him, if he wanted her help. He pretended indifference, then told her that he would pay her to stay with him, as his companion of sorts, until he decided what to do. As far as the C.I.A. was concerned, he was dead, he didn't know if he wanted to go back to that life, and he didn't know if he wanted to stay here, but he did know that he needed Esperanza. He couldn't tell her that, so he offered her a position in his new home, and she agreed that she would stay with him as long as he needed her.

"Where is your home?" she asked.

"That's the rub hot pants. You'll need to find us one. I will go with you to get the funds, and you find us a little something."

Esperanza agreed, and took some of the money he gave her and got him clothes, and sunglasses. Several sunglasses, as he couldn't decide what he wanted, and made her swear to him that he looked alright before he left the house. She left a note for her nephew and sister, explaining the situation, and letting them know that she would be in touch.

They found a fully furnished two story hacienda for rent at a reasonable rate, something that Sands said he could live on as he held her hand and took a tour of the place. Esperanza looked up at him as he held he hand and wondered if he was feeling any of the things that she was feeling. She shook her head, of course he didn't.

"What is it? What's wrong?" he asked. She didn't realize it, but he was becoming more in tune with every motion around him. He couldn't see, but his other senses were now heightened and he was especially sensitive to her movements.

"Nothing, everything is-"

Sands put a finger to her lips and shushed her. "What is going on?"

How could she tell him? "It's nothing," she smiled, taking him inside and sitting him on the couch. "I am going to go into town for food, can I get you something?"

Sands smirked, thinking how he missed his puerco pibil, but instead said whatever she bought was fine, but he would like a few bottles of tequila and limes. Esperanza nodded and went to the market. When she got home she heard several voices, and wondered if someone was after him. She crept into the kitchen and took the 9MM from the drawer and pointed it into the hall. She didn't see anyone, and walked closer to the voices. She rounded the corner and looked to see Sands, alone, the television so loud that that was what she had heard.

Sands turned to her direction and said, "Put that down doll face, before someone gets hurt, I am just trying to catch up on my Novellas," he smiled at her and told her to bring him the gun. She slowly walked to him, and without hesitation handed him the gun. He emptied the magazine and handed the gun back to her, casually asking when dinner would be ready. Esperanza made him arroz con pollo, and they ate on the veranda, talking quietly, and she smiled all through dinner. She was grateful that he couldn't see her, she didn't think he would understand how she was feeling. He was so handsome, she loved the sunglasses he constantly wore, and pretended that there was nothing wrong, that he wore them for his image.

"What are you thinking now Hope?" he asked, pushing his plate away and lighting a cigarette. Esperanza held her breath as the flame from the lighter got dangerously close to his face. She told him that nothing was wrong and stood to take the plates into the kitchen. He grabbed her arm and pulled her onto his lap. "I need a bath, a real bath. Want to give me one?"

When he smiled, how could she say no? She stood and led him to the bathroom, running the hot water and helping him undress. She had seen him naked many, many times, but removing his clothes when he was awake and aware was much more exciting. She felt her heart begin to race, every pulse point in her body alive as never before. She tested the water, and helped him take off his boxers, so that he was standing nude before her. She licked her lips and walked him over to the tub, helping him step inside.

He gave a loud sigh as the heat of the water engulfed him, sinking deep into his skin. She tried not to stare at him as she dipped the washcloth into the water, the end of the cloth rubbing against his cock. He flinched, and she smiled as she began to wash his body, his skin covered in goose bumps as she ran the cloth over his skin.

Sands tried not to let her know how much he enjoyed this, her touch had more of an effect on him than he would like to admit. He laid his head back, and enjoyed her ministrations. He hesitated when she asked him to lean his head back so that she could wash his hair, and Esperanza patted his arm in an understanding way, going to grab a pitcher to wash his hair.

He nodded his thanks, the only thank you that she had received since meeting him. When he was clean she helped him stand and put a towel around the lower half of his body. She pulled the plug in the tub, watching the water from his long hair run down his back. She took deep breaths to calm her racing heart, and tried to hurry him into his pajama bottoms and into bed. She said goodnight as he laid down, and shut the door behind her.

She leaned her head back against the wall and decided that she needed a cold shower herself.


Esperanza was sound asleep, after a cold shower and a sip of tequila. She watched as the bedroom door slowly opened, and Sands filled the space of the doorway. "Is something wrong?" she asked, sitting up.

Sands shook his head and came closer to the bed. Esperanza could feel her heart beating even faster than before, she put a hand to her throat and swallowed hard. What did he need?

She had only been asleep for maybe half and hour, and hadn’t in a million years expected him. She got out of bed and stood up to face him.

He didn't say anything, but suddenly grabbed her close pulling her into his embrace, kissing her hard, nipping her neck and gently biting her neck. He was wearing black leather gloves, and she loved the feel of the cool material against her suddenly heated skin, as he grabbed her breast through the thin t-shirt she was wearing, and then ran a gloved hand over her hip. She let out a yelp when he smacked her bum a little too hard with his leather clad hand.

Esperanza thought she must be dreaming, there was no way that he was here, in her room, touching her. She was so turned on by his gloves running over her body that she sighed loudly into his ear. He squeezed her breasts, getting to know her body, and smiled as he held the back of her head to keep her close. She was beautiful, he knew it, and her body was perfect. Every curve, every contour of her body was just what he had imagined.

“You love it,” he said as he pushed her toward the bed. He took her lips in a demanding kiss, stroking her with the gloves, running his fingers over her hips, and down her back. Esperanza could feel herself getting wet already.

“I...I want you,” she whispered against his lips, reaching for his cock through his pajama bottoms. She slowly pushed the material down his hips, and watched as they fell to the floor. Esperanza reached a hand over his back, to feel his warm skin. She put her arms around his neck, and got even closer to his heat.

“The little temptress…“ he sighed as she kissed his neck as if they had all the time in the world, while he began kneading the flesh of her bum with one hand and her breast with the other.

“What’s with the gloves?” she asked as she ran her hands slowly down his hips, watching him flinch from her touch.

“I don’t know,” he smiled, leaning in for another kiss, and bending her back to kiss her even deeper.

She kissed his wrist that was exposed, and tugged on one glove. “I love you’re hands," she whispered.

She hugged him close, feeling him hot and hard against her stomach, as she continued to move her hands slowly back up his chest and shoulders. She pulled the other glove off, and smiled as he grabbed her tighter, kissing her collarbone, and sending chills all over her body. He reached down and lightly touched her, tracing a single finger over her heat.

“You’re soaked,” he whispered. “Does that mean that you want me, baby?”

He moved his hands down, using his thumb to rub against her clit, and his other hand on the small of her back to keep her standing upright. Her knees wanted to buckle from underneath her. He continued rubbing his thumb in a slow circle, then slowly slipped one finger inside her. Esperanza's thighs automatically came together, it felt so good, but she wanted more of him. “Don’t make me beg,” she whispered, scratching her nails down his back.

“What do you want?” he asked, voice shaky.

She threw her head back as he kept rubbing her, and told she told him that she wanted his cock to replace his fingers.

He moaned out loud, and she felt him shaking, then start to stroke her with two fingers. “How’s that?” he asked, swallowing hard.

“Not good enough.”

He removed his fingers and grabbed the back of her neck, “You are so fucking hot…I don’t have to do anything, you just want me.”

Esperanza did just want him, she didn't care who he was, or what he did, she wanted him.

"Let me..." he whispered, hugging her tightly. She nodded, she would have allowed him anything. Realizing that he couldn't see her, she stared at her own reflection in the sunglasses and said, "Jeff? I want you to-"

He placed his hand behind her left knee, and lifted her leg to rest on the bed. She was off balance, and grabbed his shoulders for support as he kneeled down in front of her. She watched him as he stuck his tongue out and began gently licking her. When she looked down, all she could see was the top of his head as his tongue did the most fabulous things to her body. He used his fingers to open her up to him, and she almost fell over when he gently sucked at her clit. She really thought that she was going to faint. He used his free hand on the small of her back to push her closer to his hungry mouth, and she used his shoulders for complete support now.

She could see their reflection in the standing mirror, and that made her go over the edge. Being able to see her future lover with his head in her lap, doing all these deliciously naughty things to her. She felt the sudden burst of pleasure, and grabbed his neck, scratching the back of his head as she shouted out his name and God’s too.

It took several minutes to recover, and Esperanza held onto him when he stood up and kissed her. She could taste herself on his lips. She felt weak, and sleepy, and energized all at once; she fell backwards on the bed breathing hard. She wiggled on the bed, seeing the back of his head reflected in the mirror when she closed her eyes.

“We’re not near done yet,” he whispered as he climbed onto the bed. She licked her lips as he leaned over her, smiling. She pushed against him, and he rolled onto his back. The least she could do was return the favor. She made her way down his body; nipping his hip and watching him flinch underneath her, sucking in air. She straddled his knees, holding him hostage, as she kissed his thighs, and his hips, everywhere but his obviously aching for attention erection.

He moved restlessly against her, saying through gritted teeth, “I am trying to resist the urge the grab the back of your head and force that pretty mouth around me.”

She smiled wickedly as she kissed just under his bellybutton. Her long hair was brushing against his sensitized skin as it swung back and forth around him. He lifted his hips a little off the bed, when he couldn’t take the teasing anymore, and she finally took mercy on him.

She took him into her mouth, just the tip at first; she licked up and down the sides slowly, watching his expressions, urging her on. She used her long fingernails to gently massage his balls, and she could see his stomach muscles contract when she accidentally scratched him too hard. She watched him lean his head back, his mouth open as she took him deeper into her mouth, keeping one hand flat on his stomach, the other working slowly up and down over his throbbing cock. He gritted his teeth, groaning his pleasure with her talents, as she slowly drove him mad.

“Mmmm, you taste like-”


He cut her off, leaning up, looking at her, even though he couldn't see her. She bit her bottom lip, shaking her head, but he leaned up on an elbow, grabbing her up by her shoulders and laying her on her back. He faced her when she was positioned the way he wanted her, running his hands over her breasts. He pulled her to him by running his hands under her back, drawing her closer, and taking her nipples into his mouth.

She moved forward, wanting more, as he slid a hand down her stomach, and into her welcoming heat.

“You’re on fire.”

Esperanza blushed slightly, and then moaned when his finger stretch up inside her. She knew that he wasn’t fooled by her coy demeanor now. It may have started out that way, but by the time they were done, he was sore from the scratches on his scalp, neck, back and arms. Not to mention the bites on the inside of his thighs, among other places.

“As long as your fire is for me,” he said. She didn’t answer as he grabbed one of the pillows and placed it underneath her bottom. “So wet…so fucking hot.” he whispered.

He ran his hand over the smooth skin of her hip and thigh, and down to the bend of her knee. He kneeled in front of her, and she reached for him, trying to guide him inside her. He fisted his cock, and gently began to rub slow circles against her clit. She started to buck on the bed, trying to push him inside her as she felt the pressure building again. He changed direction, and then began to rub just the tip up and down now her. She screamed and arched her back, grabbing a fistful of sheets and covering her face with them. She couldn’t stand how good it felt.

She pushed the sheets away when she felt him spread her legs wide and hook his hands around her bent knees as he finally slid inside. She was in such frenzy for him, she screamed out loud when she finally felt him deep inside her, deeper than she had ever felt a man. She gasped each time he thrust himself inside her.

“C’mon baby girl,” he said through gritted teeth as his thrusts became harder and faster. He was sweating and snarling at her as he asked, “Do you want me to come in you? You‘re so fucking tight, I wanna come in you.”

She scooted closer, lifting her knees higher on his hips, and bringing him even deeper inside. They were both panting and moaning, she could see the veins standing out on his neck, and she knew that he was using all his willpower not to come right then. She felt her own release as he shouted out, and pushed himself inside her once more before collapsing his sweaty body on top of hers. She loved the feel of his weight, and knew that it could never get better than this. After a few minutes, she felt she was suffocating from his weight, but what a way to go…

“I’m too heavy?” he asked as he lifted his head, and tried to lean up on his elbows, but he was too tired. He started to roll off of her, but she grabbed his neck, and whispered “Don’t leave me.”

He grabbed her hip, and rolled them onto their sides, still joined, and she could feel him getting hard again. He kissed her forehead, and the bridge of her nose.

“I’m so fucking exhausted…but that doesn’t mean I won’t let you fuck me,” he smiled, rolling Esperanza on top of him.
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