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Keana Turner: Curse of the Black Pearl Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean.
Title: Keana Turner: Curse of the Black Pearl
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Characters: Keana Turner (OC), Will Turner, Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann, Hector Barbossa, James Norrington, Governor Weatherby Swann, and the rest of the cast of Curse of the Black Pearl.
A/N: I had a story on this earlier but I deleted it because it wasn't how I wanted to be. So here is the better version of Keana Turner: Curse of the Black Pearl.

Summary: Keana Turner, a girl who has too much on her shoulders. Keana: Wrong! Let me start. Hi! (waves) I am the pirate woman, or wench as Jack likes to call me. I have a little brother who I have to take care of now that I live in Port Royal where he has a really big crush on this girl, what is her name? Oh yeah, Elizabeth Swann. He and I have our master, Mr. Brown, who is a drunk. He makes my brother slave over the stuff that he has to do. I must try to conceal my real life from him and what my father and I were before I even knew what Will, my brother, looked like. He'll find out. Maybe after I tell you what happened five years ago I will tell you about my past, but right now you will have to deal with the tale of The Curse of the Black Pearl.

A Long Way From Freedom

Oh, how I want to kill Barbossa. Oh, how I want to kiss Captain Sparrow. Oh, how I want to get out of this stinky, damp cell.

I, Keana Isabelle Turner, had come to this ship with her father and was here before stupid Barbossa, but no, Captain Sparrow won't believe me. I had not deserved his trust. I had dressed up as a boy and had succeeded in making him look like a fool and that was why I am here in this hellhole.

I guess the sex had not persuaded Captain Sparrow that I did not just want to get attention.

He's face was funny though. He looked really surprised.

Daddy's face was not funny though. Just after they had left Sparrow on that island he had stood up for Sparrow and he had been chained to a cannon and pushed into the ocean.


Is that fire burning, or is that just me?


Someone set the ship on fire? Who would of done that?


Am I going to die?


Well, move!


Alright, I moved.

Is that a little boy?

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Is this a pirate ship?" he asked me as I stepped closer.

"No," I lied. "This is a merchant ship."

"I think we should move."

He looks like Daddy.

"Who are you?"

"William Turner."

"I think I'm your sister."


And he just fainted.




I think I should get him off of this ship.


That wasn't that hard. It just was a bit hectic. I should wait for another ship.


There goes my home. At least I have my dagger necklace.


Ah, a piece of wood. I'll use that to float him.


Oh, a ship. It's a navy ship, but it will do.

"Ke, you don't possibly mean to go over to a navy ship, especially you, a pirate." a Ke had formed on my left shoulder, she wore a pirate outfit.

"But, if she doesn't go she'll die." another Ke formed on my right shoulder, this one wore a fancy dress.

"Well, Ke, you have two choices a) you live a life of silence and you know, being a honest citizen or b) you die." 'Pirate Ke' said. "I'd prefer dying." she whispered.

I stared at 'Pirate Ke'.

"I think I'll go with choice a)." I said.

I swam over to the navy ship and they hauled us up.

When I reached the top I was handed a blanket by a man who was stern looking, he said, "Miss, we welcome you to the Recherché, I am Lieutenant James Norrington. This ship is on course to Port Royal."

I nodded.

This was a long way away from freedom.

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